We designed our facility with dogs in mind! Sticks n Bones is stationed on a 5 acre property, and equipped with all the necessary comforts of a home while maintaining safety with 24/7 supervision from our daytime and overnight staff. We have a few different sections inside our facility to ensure optimum comfort for each guest. Come have a look inside!

Living Room

Our 1500 sq. ft. Living Room is furnished with couches and beds (dogs only- no humans allowed!) as well as a TV playing all your animal planet, cartoon, and holiday special favourites so your dog feels right at home. This daytime hangout space turns into one big bedroom at night as all of our social guests get to enjoy a fully supervised sleepover together without the use of kennels or crates! And don’t worry, we have a Play Safe Policy instated at all times to ensure everyone's comfort and safety.

Minnie’s Suite

This 150 sq. ft. suite is suited for young puppies or any small guests (up to 20 lbs) needing a quiet oasis away from our larger guests. While most of our day is spent outdoors and engaging in activities, this is the perfect spot for your dog to relax and rest after a long day of activities; and do so with some friends of their own size!

Signature Suites

Our 200 sq. ft. Signature Suites are the perfect getaway for any guests who may struggle with socialization, as well at those who prefer more one-on-one care. While the wall art, couches, beds, and overall privacy are a nice touch, the undivided attention is what these guests appreciate the most!

Presidential Suite

Our one of a kind 300 sq. ft. Presidential Suite is best suited for our senior guests or any guests with medical conditions that require special attention. Located in our facilities “quiet zone” with easy access to our outdoor yard and extra space available for any necessary accommodations, this spacious suite is a go-to for any guests who require special care!