Whether you're looking to indulge in daytime fun and sleepovers, or you're interested in learning crucial training and lifesaving guidance, we've got just what you need!


Our main focus when it comes to our daycare program is to ensure your dog has a fun, but most importantly safe, day of play. We offer fully supervised daycare 7 days a week 365 days a year, as we believe dogs should have the chance to enjoy each day just as much as their humans do, all year round! You can feel confident about the friends your dog has at the facility as every new guest must enrol and pass a trial assessment prior to being eligible to book any daycare reservations. We also have a Play Safe Policy instated at all times to ensure the comfort and safety of each and every guest.


With a cage and crate-free overnight environment we try to make everyone feel as at home as possible. That’s why we have composed our social and non-social lodging areas to replicate an in-home atmosphere while maintaining safety and 24/7 daytime and overnight supervision. Whether your dog is looking to lodge with friends, or solo in a suite, activities both indoor and outdoor and staff interaction remain equal amongst all guests.


The main focus of all our training programs is to give you, the owner, the proper tools and guidance to form the appropriate, and most dually beneficial relationship between you and your pet. Additionally, we teach you how to maintain balance in your environment by providing effective mental and physical stimulation as well as constant direction.


Grooming services coming soon!