We want to ensure your dog(s) get the most out of their days during their time here at Sticks N Bones! All attending guests, social, selective, and unsocial, receive the following activities throughout the day to ensure they are happy and tired upon their return home. Safety is always taken into consideration when doing activities with your dog(s) and if there is an activity that you believe may be overwhelming for your dog(s) always ensure to let a staff member know upon check-in.

All Social guests Activities :
- 4-6 Outings a day into our fenced in yard (weather permitting)
- Unlimited free time in our main social room
- Birthday Parties
- Weekly Theme days (Whipped Cream Wednesday, Pizza Day, etc.)
- All day socialization with social group
- Trail Walks (ADDITIONAL FEE)
- 24/7 camera surveillance

All Unsocial or Selective guests Activities:
- 4-6 outings a day in our Large fenced in yard
- 2-3 Walks around our 25acre Property (weather permitting)
- 1-2 Trail walks down our 1km Trail (weather permitting)
- Weekly Theme Days (Whipped Cream Wednesday, Pizza Day, etc.)
- Birthday Parties
- Large private suites for comfort and downtime
- 1-on-1 Free time with staff member
- Trail walks ( ADDITIONAL FEE)
- 24/7 Camera Surveillance


10 Day Package


$40.00 in savings

*Holiday surcharge
of $3.00/day per dog applicable

20 Day Package


$160.00 in savings

*Holiday surcharge
of $3.00/day per dog applicable

15 Day Package


$90.00 in savings 

*Holiday surcharge
of $3.00/day per dog applicable

Single Day Rate


*Taxes Applicable *Do Not Expire *Non Refundable or Exchangeable *All packages must be purchased prior to or AT check-in in order to be eligible for package rates


Whether you are new to pet services, or you’re looking for the best facility specific to your needs, we know you’ve got questions. We have put together a few of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience; of course if we haven’t answered your question below please feel free to contact our office.

What are your designated daycare hours?

7:00AM - 7:00PM Monday through Friday
7:00AM - 6:00PM Saturday and Sunday

Do you allow un-altered Dogs to attend daycare?

Yes we do! But for the safety of your Dog, as well as our current guests, un-altered dogs above the age of 7 months are not permitted to join the social area with the other social guests, and must reside in a private suite. This is to prevent any altercations due to hormonal imbalances. Daycare for un-altered dogs includes the same amount of outdoor time and activities as all of our other guests, just one-on-one with a handler! As un-altered dogs require a private suite, availability for Daycare is dependant on room availability.

Do you allow un-social Dogs to attend daycare?

Yes we do! We offer private suits for any selectively social and un-social dogs looking to participate in daytime fun, providing optimal comfort while in our care. Daycare for selectively social and un-social dogs includes the same amount of outdoor time and activities as all of our other guests, just one-on-one with a handler! As selectively social and un-social dogs require a private suite, availability for Daycare is dependant on room suite availability.

Are the dogs supervised?

Yes, we have staff at the facility supervising all guests at all times and additionally have 24/7 security surveillance throughout the entire facility.

Do you offer daycare feedings?

No, it is mandatory that all dogs attending Daycare be fed at home prior to, and after, their day of activity to avoid any gastro intestinal issues. A minimum of 1 hour before, and one hour after, drop off/pick up from the facility is highly recommended. Lunch for puppies is permitted up to 7 months of age; during feeding time they will be separated from the other guests for a minimum of 45 minutes to allow for digestion.

Do you offer half-day or hourly rates?

No we currently only offer the full day rate and packages.

What do I need to know for booking Daycare over the holidays?

Book as early as possible! We suggest booking in advance to ensure your spot as we never over lodge. There is a Holiday surcharge of $2.00 per dog, per day for daycare. Our office generally closes 1 hour early on statutory Holidays, but always call and check!

My dog is not social with other dogs, can you accommodate?

Yes! We accommodate to unsocial Dogs by providing private suites for them to rest in unbothered while inside. Not to worry, unsocial Dogs still receive the same amount of exercise, activity, and outside time as all other guests, just one-on-one with a handler!

Does my dog get to go outside? How often?

Of course! we spend as much time outside in our fenced in yard as possible. Weather depending, we constantly rotate all of our guests into our yard for 10-30 minute play sessions at a time. Depending on how many guests we have staying at the facility, your Dog goes outside 6-8 times a day whether they reside in our social Living Room or a Private Suite.

Play Safe Policy

Due to our living room setting please keep in mind not all dogs that are social do well unless they have experience sharing their home with other dogs. All of our staff are constantly supervising the social interactions between our guests, trained to detect inappropriate behaviour and unbalanced play. The safety and comfort of your dogs is our first priority. Whether you are a new or reoccurring guest your dog will be monitored closely at all times as they tend to often change as they age and experience new things. Some behaviours we exceptionally discourage are excessive barking, mounting (humping), toy/food possession/guarding, rough play, and bullying. We will attempt to redirect undesirable actions with the use of tools such as dog backpacks, and leash guidance. If unsuccessful we will always take caution and remove the offending dog from our social area, informing the owner and corresponding a proactive plan to proceed forward. It is your responsibility as the owner to notify Sticks n Bones of any altercations or incidents that occur outside of our facility that could potentially regress your dogs social skills or cause them to become reactive, compromising their interactions with other social guests.

Can I call to check in on my Dog(s)?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to call anytime during office hours to check in on your pups and see how they are doing. A staff member will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding their stay or day at daycare.

Do you require Vaccinations?

Yes we do require all dogs to be up to date with their Vaccinations as it is a requirement for all guests, this is not only to ensure the safety of your pup but the safety of others as well.

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Click below to learn more about our facility's living quarters where both social and non social daycare guests stay while indoors.