We offer multiple different options for training at Sticks n Bones as every dog, just like humans, is unique and requires a system that works best for them specifically.

With over 15 years of professional Rehabilitation experience we understand the differences in dogs and their struggles and aim to make transitions successful and stress free for all parties.

Without using harmful tools such as Prong Collars or Shock collars, our program is designed to create a bond built on respect and co-operation. Using Calm and Assertive leadership, our goal is to educate you as a dog owner on how to control your energy though out certain interactions, and how to properly guide and correct your dog without bribing or enlisting fear into your training. With repetition and consistency we are here every step of the way to ensure you and your dog(s) have the right bond and understanding of each other to create a perfectly balanced life.

A List of some issues we deal with:
-Excessive Barking
-Leash pulling
-Stranger danger
-Leash reactivity
-In home Mannerism
-Off leash training
-Outdoor mannerism
-Basic Commands
-Advanced Commands
-Hiding due to Fear
-In home reactivity

Private Sessions


Our One-Time Sessions are divided into two different programs, the At Facility and the In Home. In each program you are paired up with one of our Specialists who provides information relating to your most severe issues, why they are occurring, and what must be done to eliminate them.

When trying to decide which option is right for you, the distinguishing factor is the At Facility option requires you to take the training learned and apply it on your own to your day to day life and home environment, whereas with the In Home option your specialist applies the training for you to maintain.

In Home Reduced Packages

$399, $599 & $799

Our In Home Courses are divided into 3 different programs, (3)Three 1hr sessions,   (5)Five 1hr Sessions as well as (7)Seven 1hr sessions. In each course you are paired up with one of our Specialists who provides information ranging from acclimation into the home, to basic and advanced dog psychology, and indoor/outdoor mannerism. Our methods are only consisted with calm assertive leadership skills as well as positive reinforcement, we DO NOT use harmful tools in our training methods and look for the best solution for your dogs needs. 

When trying to decide which set is right for you, take into consideration the issues you are having with your dog and how long they have been going on for, our 5 session package is best suited for going through basics and advanced lessons  for dogs over 6months, if you are not sure feel free to call our office and speak to a specialist who will guide you to the right set that may be best suited for you and your dog.

5 Session In Home Puppy Classes


Our 5 Week In Home Puppy Course is available for puppies 6 months of age and younger. In this course you are paired up with one of our Specialists who will provide the proper guidance relating to the basics (potty training, leash training, dog and human social skills, outdoor training etc.) as well as information on any specified issues being experienced such as reactivity or potentially harmful behaviours, why they may be occurring, and what can be done to eliminate them. Upon completion of your course you will undergo a test-like evaluation by your Specialist followed by the reception of your certificate.

Group Classes



Puppy group classes – 6 months and younger 

Course outline:

week 1 – Leash manners

Week 2 – Sit 

Week 3 – Down

Week 4 – Stay 

Week 5 – Recall



January 22 @ 6:00pm 

January 29 @ 6:00pm

February 2nd @ 6:00pm

February 9th @ 6:00pm

 February 16th @ 6:00pm

*Taxes Applicable *Do Not Expire *Non Refundable or Exchangeable *All packages must be purchased prior to or on day of check-in in order to be eligible for package rates


Whether you are new to pet services, or you’re looking for the best facility specific to your needs, we know you’ve got questions. We have put together a few of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience; of course if we haven’t answered your question below please feel free to contact our office.

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